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Tui Feeders |JustAddWorms Garden Blog

Tui Feeders

World Famous In New Zealand Tui Feeder

As the tui feeder is our most popular product this page is solely devoted to it.

To order or view the different models click here

Tui Feeder

It was about a year ago ( March 2009) that I set about making this liquid feeder for tui that were visiting our garden. Little did I know then how popular they would become. After a few months word began to spread and the inquiries poured in.

From Whangarei to Invercargill and everywhere in between. We even received an order from London, Christmas present for his mum in Titirangi.

There appears to be many Kiwi’s (not the birds) out there who derive as much pleasure as we do from feeding these amazing birds. This feeder is also suitable for other nectar eating birds: eg bellbird, waxeyes and even the occasional sparrow. The sparrows have to take a very hurried drink as they are quickly spotted by the unappreciative tui who swoop in to chase them away.

Click on the icon immediately below to hear the tui song

Client Comments:
“Nine days ago I hung one of your feeders in our apple tree and today a pair of tui visited for the first time. I am thrilled with this invention. It is giving us so much pleasure. The wax-eyes began using it first. They are great to watch too ...
Raewyn .. Hibiscus Coast.

“Tui feeder is fantastic – am sure recipient will be thrilled too …” Robyn .. Manukau City

“What an awesome feeder. Very well made and I can’t wait to see the birds feeding from it … Dave .. Rotorua

“Awesome tui feeder … “ Chris .. Greymouth

“I received one of your tui feeders as a gift and it’s fantastic! …” John .. Auckland

“Thank you very much, the tui feeder is beautifully made. They arrived on Friday and we set them up for my grandmother this weekend. She is thrilled with them and already has wax eyes visiting …” Cassandra .. Auckland

“What a nicely made product, well worth the wait. I am now waiting with baited breath for the Tui’s to discover it …” John .. Upper Hutt City

“A very nice guy to deal with, and a awesome tui feeder…” Peter .. North Shore

“Mum loves it and I’m sure the Tuis do too. Thank you …” Kathryn .. Masterton

“What a pleasurable experience this transaction was! First of all we were allowed to pick up our tui  bird feeder, which was most satisfying in view of the fact that we were made welcome and shown around the fabulous veg. garden in a lovely rural setting. There were bees and birds everywhere. Cannot wait to get the feeder filled up with nectar and hoisted into a tree! …” Carolyn & David .. Auckland North Shore

“A pleasure to deal with & very helpful, tui house is up, love it AAAAA+++++++ …” Peter & Vanessa .. Katikati

“Love the Tui feeder and this looks great in our garden… Jamie .. New Plymouth

“Went the extra mile to get the tui feeder here before Christmas. Love the feeder great quality and looks amazing …” Neil & Kelly .. North Shore Auckland

“Having seen tui around our property we decided we would like to encourage them to stay. After reading the NZ Gardener we noticed tui feeders advertised. After a phone call or two to Rodney Dunn of Just Add Worms we decided to buy one of their pole mounted deluxe models”.

“It arrived in good time and was super easy to put together. We placed it on our fence maybe 2 metres from our house, put the sugar water in it and waited!! Just 3 days and we had our first tui feeding. When buying this feeder we thought it would be great for the grandchildren and it is! It’s also a constant source of pleasure for the grandparents  to use”.

“How many tui we are feeding we have no idea (but we go through a lot of sugar water). Every tui seems to have its own personality. Recommended as the most beautiful time waster ever … ONLY JOKING …”  Pat & Di North Shore Auckland

Photo immediately below shows tui on Pat and Di’s deluxe two way feeder.

“Hi Rodney, I’m not sure if you remember but in July 2010 you sent my mate in Wellington a tui feeder for his new bach in the sounds ( Moetapu Bay Marlborough Sounds). I’m at the bach this weekend (3rd June 2012) and it is just so incredible to see tuis regularly on the bird feeder. They are really rapt with it. Thought you would like a photo for your gallery” Best regards … “ Ross Smith .. Hamilton

“Just to let you know that the feeder arrived safe and sound yesterday, it is as beautifully made as I had expected (from the pictures and testimonials) and I am delighted with it … ” Gill .. Tauranga

“Fantastic bird feeder, even better than pictures suggest. Very happy with purchase … “ Anne .. Auckland

“This the third of your bird feeders in our family … testament to the design, the choices you offer and of course the carpentry skills, not to mention the entertainment & educational benefits for young & old… “  Sandy & John .. Lyttelton
The images below show the range and colours of the tui feeders currently available.

Tui Feeder Collage 02

Important .. Please Note:

“To avoid disappointment when ordering a tui feeder for that special someone’s birthday or Christmas gift please give us plenty of notice, 12 working days is ideal”.

Tui Feeder Collage 01

Unfortunately last Christmas (2010) we were unable to satisfy a number of clients as they left their orders to the last few days.

If you wish to order a tui feeder click here or go to “Garden Shop” in the menu above.

The images and video below are of the latest additions to our range …

“Deluxe multi purpose tui feeder” can be hanging or pole mounted (available as from 11th March 2011)  means you can attract a wide variety of birds including tui.

Deluxe tui feeder

Tui on Deluxe Feeder 01

Tui on Deluxe Feeder 02

Below … the deluxe two way tui feeder is the latest addition (6th Oct 2011) to our range and is already proving to be extremely popular. Available in hanging, pole mounted and combo versions (includes a suet feeder). This model replaces our previous deluxe model which is shown in the photo above.