Own Grown

Learn how to improve your health, wealth and lifestyle by growing your own vegetables.

Due to the current  recession and ever increasing food costs more and more people are looking to turn part of their lawn into an “own grown” vegetable garden.

I did just that back in 2008 and enjoyed every moment of it and found ourselves with bucket loads of delicious vegetables.

Perhaps you have been been thinking of starting your own vegetable garden but just don’t know where to start or do I hear you say…

I don’t have the time!

That’s where I can help …   I have the time and after 30 years of vegetable gardening I have the know how.

Questions often asked are:

  • Whats the best position for my new garden?
  • What size should I make it?
  • Do I need a garden plan?
  • What tools will I need?
  • How much time will I need to set aside for maintaining my garden?
  • What soil type do I have and what is the best way to prepare it?
  • I worry about what may have been sprayed on to the vegetables I buy at the supermarket, should I grow organic?
  • As I want to save money on my food bills what are the best vegetables to grow?
  • Do I need a planting schedule?
  • What about fertilizing and pest control?
  • If I decide to start a vegetable garden when should I get things underway?

What service does JustAddWorms provide …

  • I will visit your property at a time that is mutually convenient to determine where your vegetable garden could be located.
  • View the condition and makeup of your soil to establish what’s required to bring it to a standard that would produce vegetables that you could boast to friends and neighbours about.
  • Make recommendations as to what to plant and when.
  • Answer any other questions you may have.

This first discussion would be at no charge and free of any obligation.

Offer only available to those living in the south Auckland area. (Otahuhu to Drury)

If you then feel that you would like to use my services I am happy to quote on:

  • Digging over your garden.
  • Apply compost and fertilizer.
  • Installing garden edging or constructing and installing raised beds if you prefer this method.
  • Ongoing garden care and maintenance.

I’m am happy to do as much or as little as you wish.

If you are contemplating starting your own garden my advice is not to leave things to the last minute. Any one wanting to get off to a good start next spring should be preparing their garden beds now.

As the photo below shows I have just finished digging over my garden and have adding bulk amounts of compost and animal manure. Doing this now means plenty of healthy flavour rich veggies next season.

It’s a great feeling knowing that the vegetables you and your family are enjoying are from your own garden and not something that’s artificially grown and sprayed with who know’s what!

Contact me today for a free consultation as there’s never been a better time to start growing your own.