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Raising Chickens – Week Three

Since picking up our chickens some 17 days ago all has gone well and our feathered friends are adapting well to their new home. The chicks are growing quickly and have changed from cute and cuddly to gawky and awkward. At night they occupy the make shift brooder however during these warm summer days they

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Raising Chickens – Week One

For more than a year now I’ve been toying with the idea of getting chickens and once again experiencing the satisfaction of wandering down to the “chook house” to collect some “real eggs” for breakfast. Funny how needs and attitudes change as the last time I did this was about 45 years ago and I’m

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From Wanaka To Whangarei Tui Are Discovering This Magical Tui Feeder

Back in March when I erected the first tui feeder in our back garden little did I imagine how popular this product would become. As the orders steadily increased I have refined my manufacturing process so that they can be made quickly whilst retaining A1 quality. This is very important to me therefore every feeder

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