Author: Rodney


How To Set Up Your Chicken Coop

Often when people buy chickens from us they’ve never owned poultry before therefore I usually find myself explaining the basics of operating a healthy and effective coop. As I grew up on a farm much of it is second nature but many city folk are unsure of just whats involved. The easiest and quickest way

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Chickens – Good Bye Jessie’s

Due to the large number of tui feeder orders of late I’ve been rather remiss with my blog posts however our hens leaving home couldn’t pass without some albeit brief comment. I owe them that at least for all the delicious eggs they’ve provided us over the last year or so. It was with a

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Images of Anzac Day

Over recent years I’ve written about Anzac Day but rather than covering the same ground this year I’ve opted to publish a few images of last Wednesday’s 73rd Anzac Day Dawn Service. As usual it was held at Auckland’s War Memorial Museum Cenotaph. Anzac Day mornings are usually cold and wet but our 4 am

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Fowl Tempers

Several weeks ago our second batch of hens began to lay so it was time to re house them in the main coop with our Jessie’s who are now 15 months old. I suspected there could be some dramatics however I had my fingers crossed for a smooth and peaceful transition. As any keeper of

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