Author: Rodney


Are You Sure This Tui Feeder Will Attract Tui ?

That’s the question I was asked one morning several years ago upon receiving a phone call off one of our adverts in the New Zealand Gardener. The caller introduced himself as Pat and then followed on from his opening question with this statement, “aren’t they a bit expensive!”. It was obvious that he wasn’t one

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Here’s An Easy Way To Water Your Chickens

Like me you’ve probably tried various ways to provide a good supply of clean fresh water for your hens however it’s not always that easy. Problems that can arise are …. Litter and droppings finding their way into the waterer thereby contaminating it’s contents. Hens tipping over containers or bumping into hanging waterers. Soggy floor

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Catching Bees With A Swarm Trap

Just five days into spring and already I’m thinking about this season’s first inevitable swarm. There are a number of reasons why swarms occur and no matter how diligent you are as a bee keeper it can sometimes be difficult to prevent them. The possibility of losing 50% or more of ones bees is no

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Tempting Tui Into Your Garden

If you’re wanting to lure these cheeky characters into your garden there’s no better time to get a tui feeder as they are searching for extra food just now. They’re hungry because the berries and nectar which form a substantial part of their regular diet are currently in short supply. Additionally the drought which is

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