Author: Rodney


Hyline Brown hens for sale

We’ve owned these hens since they were day old chicks and its rather sad to see them go but we just have too many. Some months ago several clients placed orders for day old chicks but when they were two weeks old and ready to be collected they advised that the no longer wanted them.

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Tui Right On Cue

It was an early morning back in April when I set about refilling the Tui feeders in our garden for the usual influx of our cheeky friends. Like clockwork every year they drop by to see that we’ve not forgotten to put their food out. With summer over there’s less naturally occurring food about for

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Tomato Cat-facing

When it comes to growing tomatoes I thought I knew 95% of what there was to know but it seems that seasoned gardeners like myself  can still learn a thing or two. If someone had told me  that some of my tomatoes were affected by cat-facing I would have told them to quit pulling my

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