After 47 Years I’ve Decided It’s Time To Slow Down


It certainly seems a long time ago that I very nervously set off for my first day of work as a junior clerk in a Chartered Accountants office in my home town of Otorohanga. After leaving school my Dad who was a successful dairy farmer bluntly advised me ” don’t be a farmer boy you’re smarter than that” as he wanted me to have an easier life than pushing cows. Because I’d excelled at book keeping as they called it those days I decided that perhaps I could become an accountant. After approximately 18 months of sorting out never ending butter boxes of cow cockie’s cow crap stained accounts the excitement of it all had become more than I could handle. Like most teenagers I was restless and wanted to explore the world ….

Since then I’ve worked in pulp and paper mills, fish factories, joinery workshops, a psychiatric hospital, on roading projects and country estates in Scotland, a transport company in Crete and in the Australian out back. I also spent 10 years and 14 years respectively in insurance and real estate sales. You could say I have become a jack of all trades and a master of some.

Just Add Worms began as a simple garden blog about 8 years ago when I retired from the hectic 24/7 of real estate and it rapidly evolved into a work from home business. I’ve lost count of how many tui feeders we’ve made but what started as a one of weekend project developed into something much bigger. My love of the outdoors, birding and photography blended in perfectly but the time has now come when I wish to spend more time persuing my ultimate passion which is photography.

In my workshop I still have some excess tui feeder parts so I intent to make a few more but this will be on a very casual one to one basis. If you email or message me via Facebook I’m sure we can come to a satisfactory arrangement as long as you don’t want it like yesterday. Ordering through our online shop is no longer possible as its been closed down.

Also if anyone is interested in purchasing the business please feel free to make contact.

Finally I would like to offer a very special thanks all our past clients who have purchased our feeders and to our family and friends who supported us. Without you Just Add Worms wouldn’t have been so successful and rewarding.  Its with mixed emotions I write this post but realize its time to move on.

Once again thank-you one and all ….. it’ s been fun.

This is my newly launched Facebook page if you would like to check it out, all likes appreciated.
Website to follow soon …..




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