How to Attract And Keep Tui Coming Back To Your Garden

Tui  On Feeder

Obviously firstly I would have to say … “get yourself a tui feeder” however there are other ways which include planting nectar bearing trees like kowhai, bottle brush, banksia or native flaxes to name just a few. Alternatively you could simply put out a bowl of sugared water but it needs to be under cover otherwise the first down pour will dilute the mixture. That’s fine for the spring and summer months but after that ? Never fear we have a “solution” and yes, please excuse the pun.
It was about 2009 when I erected our first prototype tui feeder and I’ve  been captivated by these colourful characters ever since. I guess now I can lay claim to being somewhat of an tui expert.

My advice to new clients is to position their feeder as close as possible to where the tui land and once they’ve had their first drink they will just keep coming back for more. After that re position it where ever and they will seek it out as I’ve proven on numerous occasions. Believe it or not it also helps if you keep it topped up ! Really I jest not, its like a car folks “it won’t go if it ain’t got juice”.

When visiting our feeder the tui always land in the tree directly above it and once they’re confident that they they have safe passage they will fly down, this one below is doing just that, waiting.

Tui In Tree As a keen photographer I love having these birds dropping by as it gives me a constant supply of models who are only too happy to pose for a small fee consisting of a little sugar and water.

Tui On Feeder

The soft light of early morning or evening is when I like to set the camera up as the wonderful array of colours within the tui’s plumage is shown to best effect as can be seen on the images below. Often I set up other props on or around the feeder to get a variety of shots …. its challenging but great fun and the tui seem to enjoy it as well. No I don’t have names for them as yet !

Tui On Feeder Attached a branch to the side of the tui feeder to get this tentative pose below.

Tui On Branch As winter approaches tui and other birds will be searching for extra food so now’s a great time to add a feeder to your garden and makes things a little easier for these guys over the colder months. Click here to see the complete range or here to see what many satisfied clients have to say ….

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