Timing It Right For Tui

IMG_9395 Tui Feeder Dirty Jaw Redone

After four months of hanging idle the tui feeders in our garden look slightly ragged but after a quick scrub they’re looking like new again. Could say a little bit like myself first thing in the morning.

Last year I filled the tui feeders in early April and within half an hour tui arrived to have their fill. Several weeks back I noticed a solitary tui land on the feeder so I thought this year I would go through the exercise a little earlier to see what would happen.

IMG_9397 Tui Feeder Washing Down Jaw

Four hours have passed and not so much as the slightest hint of a tui or any bird for that matter. Our neighbours cat Leo probably hasn’t helped as he’s been lazing about waiting for his next meal of tasty rabbit. We have a burrow that goes under the deck. When the young ones first venture out to explore the exciting new world that awaits them he is ready to welcome them. Better that than yours truly having to hunt them down because they ultimately end up in my lettuce patch.

IMG_9417 Leo the Cat Jaw

As I write this post the sun is about to set and still no action. Perhaps better luck tomorrow. Leo has made tracks as the rabbits have stayed put so its dinner in a can for him.

IMG_9427 Tui Feeder Washed Jaw

To all the tui out there your dinner is ready and waiting.

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