Attracting Techno Colour Tui To Your Garden

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Tui Feeding on Cherry Blossom Much to the delight of local tui the Taiwanese Cherry tree in our garden is once again show casing the arrival of spring with a beautiful display of blossoms. During the last few weeks I’ve taken “a little” time out, can’t say how much as I’m supposed to be working, to admire and photograph them enjoying it’s nectar. On a dull day tui appear to be  “just another black bird” with a couple of tuffs of white but get up close and you’ll see them in a different and amazing light.
Tui in Cherry Tree

Tui Feeding on Nectar

A good sense of balance helps …. Tui Singing

“Yes not only do I look good but I can sing ….. dare I suggest that I’m the Andrea Bocelli of the bird world”. Tui Feeding from Cherry Blossoms

…. as does flexibility. Tui in Cherry Tree Having the right trees in your garden will help to attract these beautiful birds as will our purpose designed tui feeders.

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