Tui Right On Cue

It was an early morning back in April when I set about refilling the Tui feeders in our garden for the usual influx of our cheeky friends. Like clockwork every year they drop by to see that we’ve not forgotten to put their food out. With summer over there’s less naturally occurring food about for any hungry birds. After I’d completed the refill I sat down to enjoy my breakfast and pondered how long it might take the tui to discover that the feeders that had been empty since November were primed up and awaiting their patronage. I reckoned it might be a day or so but my guess was well off the mark.

IMG_0461 Tui pair cropped for JAW blogTwenty minutes was all the time it took for a male tui to arrive. I’m sure that they must watch my movements around the property and know when it’s dinner time. Tui are a amazing bird so there’s little wonder that they are one of the most popular. If you would like to attract some¬† to your garden this winter click here to check out our range of feeders.

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