Don’t Be Disappointed – We Are Taking Tui Feeder Christmas Orders Now!


If you’ve been thinking about a tui feeder for that special Christmas gift now’s a good time to get one, or two. Why I say this is because many people leave their order to within a few days of Christmas and that makes it really hard for us and more often than not impossible to meet Santa’s deadline.

Yes, you’ve only a little more than one month left!

Just Add Worms is a one man and a part time helper operation, my better half Rose and we are not able to make hundreds of tui feeders within a space of just a few weeks. The fact that our feeders are so popular means than often we struggle to keep up with the demand during the regular months of the year. Mention the word Christmas and our production changes from busy to flat out frantic. We would love the luxury of several hundred feeders sitting in stock but there’s just not enough hours in the day to make them up.

Some time ago I was approached by a manufacturer who suggested mass producing them in plastic but I had trouble getting my head around “plastic tui feeders”.

Anyhow the point I’m trying to make is, place your order as soon as possible and we can promise you that one of our tui feeders will bring a big smile to that special someone on Christmas morning.

Special thanks to Melissa from Wellington for this email and above photo we received 10 days ago.

“Hi Rodney,
I just thought I’d share this with you – I have 2 hanging nectar feeders which wax eyes and Tui drink out of, so I put my new Tui feeder nearby and have been putting apple on it to try and attract the wax eyes – thinking the Tui will see them drinking and follow suit. But I came home yesterday to find all the apple gone and this cheeky Kaka! I did wonder who was eating all the apple!
I will send you some pics of Tui once they figure out it’s there. Love the feeder by the way, it’s perfect! I can’t wait till the Tui realise it’s there for them.


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