Bee Keeping -10 Reasons Why You Need A Frame Holder

Bee Keeping Frame Holders

When I took up bee keeping approximately 4 years ago I found myself on a very quick learning curve as keeping bees proved to be more challenging than I had ever anticipated. All the books made it sound so easy, but I soon found it wasn’t. Season one started off well but ended badly with the varroa mite and starvation taking its toll. Nowadays my bees don’t die of starvation because I know how and what to feed them but surprisingly back then I didn’t. The other lesson I learnt was the importance of doing regular inspections because as any wise bee keeper will tell you prevention is better and much easier than finding a cure.

During my second season I started using a frame holder when I did inspections and found that not only did it make the task so much easier it also also sped up the whole process.

Inspecting Bee Brood

Benefits of using a bee frame holder:

  1. No more knocked over frames.
  2. Lesser likelihood of dropping frames.
  3. Fewer hostile bees as a result of the above.
  4. Easier for a bee keepers back as you are no longer picking up frames from the ground.
  5. More hygienic than propping frames up against the hive.
  6. Lessens the chance of introducing germs and other nasties to your hive.
  7. Brood inspection made easier.
  8. Frames can be kept in the order in which the are taken from the hive.
  9. If you like to take photographs as I do, no more juggling of frames.
  10. Bee keepers enjoy working with happy placid bees.

To avoid any capsize I place no more than 3 frames on a holder when working full sized boxes and honey supers and limit it to two if its a nuc. (Holder can accommodate 4 frames)

Once you’ve used one you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

Bee Hive Inspection Click here for more information on our bee frame holders.

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