Here’s An Easy Way To Water Your Chickens

Like me you’ve probably tried various ways to provide a good supply of clean fresh water for your hens however it’s not always that easy. Problems that can arise are ….

  • Litter and droppings finding their way into the waterer thereby contaminating it’s contents.
  • Hens tipping over containers or bumping into hanging waterers.
  • Soggy floor and nesting box litter due to spilt water.
  • Sometimes its difficult to find the right sized containers to do the job.
  • Having to replace water every day becomes a bit of a bind.

When we built our first coop  a few years back I purchased a few of these cheap waterers on Trade Me but found them unsuitable for indoor use as they leak and the hens continually knocked them about. The end result was wet and smelly litter which increased the risk of disease. Broken-Chicken-WatererThe next option I tried was a vast improvement but still meant replenishing water daily and despite the container being well elevated our girls were still able to scratch droppings and litter into it.

Old-Chicken-WatererSeveral months ago I decided to trial a completely new setup which has since proved to be a great success. Not only has it substantially reduced the time I spend on this task it also provides a much healthier supply of water for our hens.

New-Chicken-Waterer-10-ltrThis 10 litre single cup model is suitable for 1 to 6 hens and will provide sufficient water for approximately 5 to 6 days. It is important to remember that during the hot summer months hens would consume considerably more than this.

Hens-Using-10-ltr-WatererThey work equally well in a coop or outdoors however they need to be placed in a cool shaded area away from the sun, as hens don’t like to drink warm water.

Doublre-Cup-10ltr-WatererThe double cup waterer shown above is in a coop with 14 hens. The lubing cups which are manufactured in Germany should be positioned at the approximate shoulder height of your chickens or hens. This ensures easy access and  hopefully puts them at a level where fouling wont occur.  These ones are about 30 cm above the floor, we have Hyland Brown hens.

All the units I have put together recently have sold and we are currently awaiting delivery of further stock. I hope to have more for sale within the next few weeks. If you would like to make an order you are most welcome to leave an enquiry here.


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