Tempting Tui Into Your Garden

If you’re wanting to lure these cheeky characters into your garden there’s no better time to get a tui feeder as they are searching for extra food just now. They’re hungry because the berries and nectar which form a substantial part of their regular diet are currently in short supply. Additionally the drought which is hopefully soon to be to over has made it much harder for all the birds out there, including our friend the tui. The feeders in our own garden are never as busy as they are during autumn and winter.

Friends who live on Auckland’s North feed tui all year round however they have the luxury of living beside a large reserve full of these magical birds. The photos below showing mainly young juvenile tui were taken on a visit I made back in mid February. Come June and July these same tui will be consuming about 15 litres of mix each day. I keep telling them that they need to buy shares in Chelsea Sugar.




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  1. Sonya
    Sonya |

    I live in Alexandra, Central Otago – not an area where we see Tui very often due to the lack of native bush…. I have for the last few years, in the winter, made nectar that the Waxeyes and Bellbirds have enjoyed.

    This Autumn I purchased a Just Worms Deluxe Feeder and have been thrilled to have at least THREE Tui birds visiting regularly. Very pleased to have them and the Bellbirds in my garden.

    Between all the nectar loving birds I’m probably going through 2 litres a day. Cheapest to buy the sugar in 5kg bags!

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