Fun For All At Brookby School Agricultural Day

Last Saturday morning I spent several hours at the local Brookby School helping out with the judging of chickens for the annual ag day. Not sure why they sought me out to do this as I’m no expert however I was assured that it was going to be a relaxed event and that I shouldn’t worry. Arrive a little before 10 they said so with 25 minutes up my sleeve I set off. As the school is only a few kilometres away I had plenty of time to get there and still have ten minutes for a quick briefing.

The weather was looking good and I was feeling chipper as I turned on to the main road. Unfortunately things were about to change.

Just half a kilometre from home and fifty minutes later I was muttering under my breath that there was absolutely no good reason at all why Kiwi drivers should be involved in an accident on such a fine morning as this. After all where did they get their licenses from, a Weetbix pack?

On arriving home later in the day I was informed by my “‘trouble and strife” that the Ardmore air show was also taking place which explained the nose to tail traffic. Once again I had jumped to a hasty conclusion, I do that sometimes.

By the time I reached the school I was 25 minutes late and judging had already begun with one of the parents standing in for me. After some quick pointers from Tim, another parent, I put on my judges hat and got into the swing of things.

My job was to judge the chickens on care and condition and how well they were able to perch on arms, heads or wherever else they felt so inclined. By the look on the faces it was obvious some of the pupils were rather reluctant participants whilst others were relishing the opportunity to show off their birds.

In spite of a few minor mishaps with perching chickens everyone including yours truly enjoyed the day. Who knows they might invite me back next year ?

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