The Bunny And The Brassicas

A few mornings ago after finishing my cornflakes, coffee and toast I set off as usual to check the state of the veggie garden, hen house and bees. It’s a well practiced daily routine and helps me make peace with the world before commencing on the days orders. As I approached the garden however I was greeted by a sight that shattered any likelihood of a relaxing start to my day.

What I saw made me just plain hopping mad and to be brutally honest all I wanted to do was to grab a gun and start shooting. For those of you reading this don’t worry as I have no intentions of running amok but my temperature was certainly up there!

The Awapuni Nurseries seedlings that I proudly planted out about 10 days ago had completely vanished.

I suspected that they had been eaten by a half grown rabbit that I seen run under the garden gate a few days earlier, I was red hot fuming. These seedlings were to be the first beginnings of my much anticipated spring garden plus they were just starting to come away. Now due to this pesky varmit or varmits, if there’s one you can bet there will be others I was back to square one.

I’ve had this happen before but not to the extent where only a small part of the plant’s stem is showing above the surface. If bugs had nibbled a leaf or two of the seedlings they probably would have recovered but this was a total demolition job. The little that did remain I covered with some chicken netting but as the saying goes, no point in covering the cabbages after the rabbit has scarpered.

I had previously advised our friends at Awapuni Nurseries that I would keep them informed as to the progress of their seedling but now this was going to be somewhat of a challenge. Not long after dispatching a hasty email I received a reply from them with a very generous offer to courier some replacements plants within the next few days.

In the meantime I needed to take a hard line with the renegade rabbit who had treated my veggie patch as a self help salad bar. My thoughts turned to an old air rifle that Doug a friend of mine had lent me some months ago. I had taken the occasional pot shot at a few rabbits but with zero success so I had put it to one side. Now due to the chaos occurring in my garden I decided to dust it off and try again.

Unbeknown to me the sights were incorrectly set and this was the reason for my past failures. I learnt this from Roger our part time worker after he made a few adjustments and let off a few test shots. He has a firearms license and knows more about guns than I do. Once again I was feeling confident that our rabbit issue could be resolved.

Now where did that pesky rabbit go ?

Unlike elephants rabbits have a poor memory therefore I knew it wouldn’t be too long before bugs would come out of hiding. Now the odds had changed and I was ready for any rabbit who dared trespass on my patch.

Job done, now to replant those seedlings.


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