Chickens – Good Bye Jessie’s

Due to the large number of tui feeder orders of late I’ve been rather remiss with my blog posts however our hens leaving home couldn’t pass without some albeit brief comment. I owe them that at least for all the delicious eggs they’ve provided us over the last year or so.

It was with a tinge of  sadness that I bid adieu to our Shaver Brown hens this week however the time had come for them to be moved on. For me poultry is all about maximum egg production therefore our eight loyal layers have been replaced by a new younger flock of  Hyline Brown’s. We’ve decided to call them all by one name as is the norm around here, Flora sounded like a good choice. If I was still on the family farm our Jessie’s probably would have come to an abrupt end but I had been threatened with dire consequences if any ill was to befall them. Obviously I needed to find our feathered friends another suitable home and fortunately for me and them I knew just the place.

In January of this year I sold some chicks to a very nice lady called Rosalie who owns 40 acres on the other side of Auckland. At the time she mentioned that she would be interested in buying our hens so last week the call was made. There they will have plenty of space and be able to grow old gracefully without the threat of going in the pot or worse. I’m more than happy with this outcome as it keeps Jessie’ s heads off the block and means that I don’t get off side with those anxious members of my family.

They looked rather unsettled in the back of the car however I was assured that they would be well cared for. You’d almost think it was family members that I was parting with.

At the time of writing this it’s business as usual as the 17 Flora’s are well settled into the coop and giving us on average 15 eggs a day.

If reading this has made you think that its time you got your own hens then you’re in luck as we have chicks for sale.

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