Deluxe Two Way Tui Feeder Proves To Be A Real Winner

Nine months have passed since we sold our first deluxe two way tui feeder and as expected it has now become our most popular model. Feedback from our clients has been 100% positive and as the photo below suggests the tui like it as well.

This feeder is located in the garden of Pat and Di on Auckland’s North Shore. I’m so envious of them as I’d love to have this number of tui visiting our feeders.

Like our other models the two way is available as hanging or pole mounted versions. The main difference with this new model is that bottle holder is positioned in the centre of the feeder which allows tui and other birds to access from both front and back.

With twice the usual number of sight holes its real easy to see the level of the mix.

You can check out the complete range of tui feeders by visiting our garden shop.

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  1. Peter & Margo Shackleton
    Peter & Margo Shackleton |

    Hello Rodney

    We have your deluxe tui feeder and are getting lots of pleasure from watching the birds’ activities. We seek you advice. The inverted Coke bottle does not automatically fill the plastic tray it sits on. We have to squeeze the bottle through the observation holes to make the liquid flow out. We have to do this several times a day. We wonder what is the secret to have the liquid automatically top up the drinking tray? Please tell what we should do.
    Thanks, Peter & Margo Shackleton (Hillsborough, Auckland)

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