Just Add Worms Launches New Garden Shop

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new online garden shop as the previous one has become out dated and difficult to browse due to too much duplicate information. When we listed our first tui feeder for sale in June of 2009 it was all very easy as there was only one version but now we have ten not to mention the other products we sell. Our intention with this revamp is to make your shopping experience with us easier, quicker and more enjoyable. We still have a few small issues that need to be sorted however we expect to have them completed within the next few days.

Special thanks to our son Nathan of 3Bit Solutions Ltd for his IT wizardry in getting this all to work. Thanks also to Fraser our other son for his help with the graphics. Life is less complicated when you are surrounded by IT experts. As always we are more than happy to receive feed back so if you can see where further improvements could be made please let us know.

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