A Dozen Reasons Why Hens Can Add To Your Happiness

Its been 16 months since we decided to get some hens and now we can’t imagine not having them around.

Some months back we also started selling day old, two week and 3 week old chickens and now never a week goes by without me extolling the merits of having your own hens. Often on a Saturday morning that simple five minute pickup of much anticipated new chickens develops into a 20 minute tour of our back garden and chicken coop. If its Mum, Dad and the littluns it can take a little longer. I don’t mind as the delight and excitement upon those young faces when seeing their cute new friends for the first time. It just adds further magic to the occasion.

Day old Hyline Brown chicks.

Simply put some great reasons for having hens are ….

  1. They’re easy to look after and enjoyable to watch.
  2. Children love them and will have fun collecting the eggs as well as helping with feeding and watering.
  3. They make great pets, but don’t get too attached. No need to groom or walk these gals as they can mostly care for themselves.
  4. Pest control, slugs, snails, crickets and all manner of grubs and bugs won’t stand a chance.
  5. Free nitrogen rich fertiliser for your veggie garden.
  6. Not only will they help to keep the lawn mown but they will also fertilize it for you.
  7. Leighton Smith of NewstalkZB fame suggests that taking time out after a hard days work to observe them is a great way to lessen stress, yours that is. Roosters excluded of course.
  8. Allows you to regain some control over where and how your food is produced.
  9. All those unwanted kitchen leftovers can now be put to good use rather than burdening our land fills.
  10. Every little helps to reduce the need for caged battery hens and sends a message to those exploiting them this way that its no longer acceptable.
  11. Hens are environmentally friendly.
  12. Last but not least, lots of tasty nutritious eggs.

Hyline chicks at 2 weeks.

At 3 weeks.

If you’re wanting to purchase some chickens more details can be viewed here.

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  1. Missy
    Missy |

    Can’t agree more. I sometimes invite friends around for chook therapy and we sit and watch the ladies.

  2. Darcia
    Darcia |

    Nice blog Rodney, really enjoyable and informative too :-)

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