Fowl Tempers

Several weeks ago our second batch of hens began to lay so it was time to re house them in the main coop with our Jessie’s who are now 15 months old. I suspected there could be some dramatics however I had my fingers crossed for a smooth and peaceful transition. As any keeper of poultry will tell you the gals have a pecking order and there’s always one, two or more that just have to harass the others believing they have the right to be boss and  “rule the roost”.

Somewhat like the human flock really when you think about it.

To minimise any disruption I decided that I would try merging the two factions early one evening just as it was getting dark with the hope that the following morning they would all be the best of friends. “Yeah right” as the saying goes …

As the sun went down all seemed to be well in the coop so my optimism remained intact but what would the new day bring?

Early the following morning as is routine I wandered down the back to check the birds and the bees only to find a hellish hen fight had erupted in the coop. Beaks claws and feathers galore with hens up down and every place. If the new hens had beaks like wood peckers they would have eaten holes in the walls to be out of there.

The coop and nesting boxes were as messy as a teenagers bedroom so I knew that if our egg production was to continue I needed to separate them double quick smart.

I really didn’t need all these hysterics and tantrums.

It took me about an hour to make up a simple divider with a door that would keep the warring parties apart plus an addition waterer and feeder were set up.

Having a barrier that allowed them to see each other would hopefully and ultimately bring about a successful integration. The first photo below shows some of our older hens called Jessie.

Our new and yet unnamed hens have not been warmly welcomed but at the time of writing this have been more or less accepted into their new digs.

After approximately two weeks the divider came down so hopefully we will have harmony once again in the hen house and plenty more eggs!



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  1. Gracie
    Gracie |

    Haha, interesting, let us know how it goes.

    I have 3 hens, and one of them gets pecked. It’s to a point that she could die living with other two. So now she’s living happily by herself, in a pen adjacent to other two. She sees others but not getting harassed. Put her back a few times, harmony doesn’t seem to happen. Guess she will just have have her lifestyle block all for herself.

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