Keeping Hens One Year On

It seems hard to believe that a year has past since we set off to collect our day old chickens .

Chicks in make shift brood box at day 1.

Our 8 hens who are all called Jessie have proved to be a very worthwhile addition to our lifestyle lot and now I can’t imagine not having them about. On average we get about 54 eggs a week which is more than we can use so the surplus is sold to a neighbour and a family friend. This works really well as the proceeds cover the costs of feed, grit and other incidentals.

Everyone who has tasted the Dunn’s free range eggs have raved about them and I’m sure we could sell heaps more if only we had them.

To date keeping the girls has been relatively uneventful other than when on the odd occasion they’ve found their way into the veggie garden or have created a mess on my workshop floor and bench. Much of what’s required to keep hens happy, healthy and productive is just good old plain common sense.

At week two we started building the coop, it was early February.

Jessie’s were in their new digs at week four.

Week eighteen and the girls are nearing point of lay.

It was week twenty when and we enjoyed our first fry up of eggs and bacon.

Finally got the coop stained up in week 23 which left only the barge boards and spouting to complete.

Time for the annual spring clean, it was week 51.

Our hens one year on … “Happy Birthday Jessie’s”.

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