Passionate Tui Watchers




Often we get feedback from clients from all parts of New Zealand but its hard to beat the enthusiasm of Pat and Di who have a lovely home situated in a picturesque cul de sac in Bayview on Auckland’s Northshore.

On my first visit I was amazed at the large number of tui they had stopping by to use their feeder. More often than not there were two or three tui feeding simultaneously, I was green with envy. Obviously it’s hard to determine what numbers were visiting but I reckoned there could be as many as 50 or 60. Problem is that one tui looks very much like the the next one.

Due to it being a very bright sunny day sadly the photo below is rather washed out.

In a written recommendation this is what they had to say about the tui feeder they purchased.

“Having seen tui around our property we decided we would like to encourage them to stay. After reading the NZ Gardener we noticed tui feeders advertised. After a phone call or two to Rodney Dunn of Just Add Worms we decided to buy one of their pole mounted deluxe models”.

“It arrived in good time and was super easy to put together. We placed it on our fence maybe 2 metres from our house, put the sugar water in it and waited!! Just 3 days and we had our first tui feeding. When buying this feeder we thought it would be great for the grandchildren and it is! It’s also a constant source of pleasure for the grandparents  to use”.

“How many tui we are feeding we have no idea (but we go through a lot of sugar water). Every tui seems to have its own personality. Recommended as the most beautiful time waster ever … ONLY JOKING”.

Pat and Di’s enthusiasm has proved to be infectious as a number of their friends have also purchased feeders. I suggested to Pat that he would do well on our sales team. In the meantime thanks for spreading the good word and we hope you both continue to enjoy using the tui feeder.

The video below was taken in mid October when Daniela our daughter chauffeured me to the North Shore so that I could make some modifications to Pat and Di’s tui feeder.


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