Deluxe Two Way Tui Feeder

A few weeks ago I arranged to visit Pat from the North Shore as he is one of our most enthusiastic clients. Several months back he placed an order for a deluxe pole mounted  tui feeder and within a few days of receiving it he was on the phone telling me how well it was working.

“Rodney we’ve only had it on the fence for a few days and already the tui are treating it like a newly opened McDonald’s.” I knew from the excited tone of his voice that we had a convert and that ultimately the two of us would have to get together.

During our last telephone chat Pat mentioned that he was looking forward to this happening plus he had an idea to share.

I didn’t want to steal his thunder but was 95% sure that I already knew what he was thinking. As I had a few days up my sleeve I set about making up “our” idea. The day we agreed to meet was a Friday and I set off mid morning with “our” idea in a box on the back seat.

I’m not that familiar with the North Shore but with a little help from a recent hand me down GPS I reached Pat’s place within 45 minutes.

After he had introduced me to his lovely wife Diane I was directed to a nearby window from where I could see the tui visiting the feeder. Being attached to the top of fence just a few metres away meant I was able to enjoy a birds eye view of their comings and goings. Unlike at our property where the tui drop by every hour or so they were continually in the adjacent trees or on the feeder.

Its was truly amazing seeing so many tui touching down on the feeder for a quick snack and then taking off again. It was almost like a tui version of London’s Heathrow. After taking some photos and video I decided it was time to get the tui feeder from the car to see if Pat and I were thinking alike.

As I took it from the box he just smiled and commented …. “yep that’s pretty much what I had in mind”.

The idea of the two way feeder occurred to me about a year ago but it wasn’t until after I’d spoken to Pat that I became motivated to put a trial one together. This feeder allows tui and other birds to feed from either side whereas our other models only have access from the front. The other difference is that the bottle holder has sight holes on two sides.

It now hangs in a tree adjacent to our family room and was being frequented by the local tui within hours of it being set up. During the past week we’ve sold a Deluxe Two Way Tui Feeder and expect that it will be the first of many. Rather ironically the lady who placed the order is a friend of Pat and Diane.

As I’ve been so busy with orders of late I haven’t had time to list this new model in our “Garden Shop” on the web site but will do so shortly. If you would like to order one in the meantime please let me know via our contact page above.

Feeder now available as this page was re edited (14th October) click here for more info.



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  1. Linda Davis
    Linda Davis |

    We received our Tui Bird Feeder about 4 weeks ago (very happy with it too) and have after much deliberation of where’s best hung it in a tree beside the bush area at the bottom of our garden. We can see the Tui Feeder from the deck of our house and quickly got in to a routine first thing each morning with a coffee watching the birds arriving to feed on it and again at the end of the day with a glass of wine in hand before preparing the evening meal(very relaxing !). So far we have mostly had Sparrows with the odd visit of fantail and wax eyes. The Tui that started off our interest in the first place to get a bird feeder disappeared around the time we received our bird feeder (mm…!!) but we were pleased to see it was back last weekend – although it seems to have left again. Perhaps it has a nest elsewhere at the moment. So we are still in hope that the Tui and his mate will return to visit and hopefully hang around next time and enjoy the Tui Feeder. So we have happy fat sparrows at our place (would this be putting the Tui’s off I wonder) :)

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