How To Attach A Suet Feeder To Your Tui Feeder

Over the last few months we’ve had a great response to our deluxe tui feeder combo offer so I figured the time was right to detail how one goes about attaching a suet feeder. The offer which closes on the 23rd September includes a half the normal price suet feeder with every deluxe tui feeder. Unless requested at the time of ordering the suet feeder is not attached.

It’s not a difficult task however it can be a little fiddly. Firstly you’ll need to cut the suet feeder rope at the half way point.

A thin piece of wire with the end bent over to form a small hook is what I use to pull the rope through the holes in the tui feeder base. A bent over paper clip or Gran’s crochet hook would work equally well.

The green tui feeder shown here is a pole mounted version hence the suet feeder is positioned towards the front.

A simple knot on the rope ends and the jobs done. Tying the knots in the same position ensures that suet feeder will hang level.

The holes for attaching the suet feeder on the hanging models (deluxe and standard)  are located mid way between the roof columns on either side.

If your considering buying a tui feeder, suet feeder combination and want them attached just let me know as I’ll be more than happy to do this for you.

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  1. Kathleen Williams
    Kathleen Williams |

    Thankyou for the birthday present I ordered of the Tui Bird Feeder,
    It was recieved with much appreciation and the suet feeder is great as the bossy bird can’t hang upside down to feed from them.

    Thank you for your service..Kath

  2. Catherine
    Catherine |

    Can you forward me the recipe for the bird feeder. My husband has lost the paperwork
    And can only remember that he needs peanuts?
    Thanks Cat

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