Feeding Birds In A Bottle

The idea of making a bird feeder from an empty Just Juice bottle occurred to me on a wet Saturday afternoon as I was disposing of “our plastics” in the recycling bin. Plastic is one of my pet hates therefore I’m often thinking of other ways that it can be put to good use. I figured that if an opening was cut in the side or bottom of the bottle birds may venture into it to feed.

At the time I didn’t know what birds if any might be tempted.

After carefully fashioning the entrance with a sharp stanley knife (need to be very careful doing this) I cut three pieces of waste timber to make the stand. This would hopefully keep the bottle stable and prevent it from being blown away. The halves of mandarin shown in this video are kept in place by 3 x 30mm screws protruding from the lengthwise piece of timber within the bottle.

These feeders are positioned on our front deck and we love watching the antics of the silver eyes. To date they are the only birds brave enough to enter.

If you’re thinking of making a feeder like these its only a twenty minute job and costs next to nothing to make.

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