Where Do These Tui Feeder Bits And Pieces Go?

Over the last few months I’ve received a number of phone calls from customers asking where certain components fit on to the deluxe tui feeder. After having designed the product and consequently spent days, weeks and months making them up its all run of the mill but what I take for granted is sometimes not immediately obvious to others. Hope that doesn’t sound condescending as that’s certainly not my intention.

Now to explain where those bits and pieces go and what they’re for.

Feeder block …

Once fruit or other food has been attached to the feeder block it can be placed in a front corner of the feeder base tray. This still allows sufficient space for tui and other birds to access the sugared mixture from the plastic tray. When you first receive your deluxe feeder the feeder block will have two small blocks of waste wood covering the protruding screws. These have been attached to prevent injury during transit and subsequent set up. Once you have installed your feeder they can be discarded.

Sparrow stop …

Next we have a small piece of mesh called a sparrow stop which should be used if you find sparrows hogging all the mix. We have this problem in our garden and whilst this works well in keeping them at bay it will stop other birds from feeding.

Due to the tui having a long tongue this mesh won’t prevent it from accessing the mix however the same can’t be said for the likes of bellbirds and silver-eyes. We prefer not to feed the sparrows so we use this mesh on all our tui feeders.

Quick link …

This quick link simplifies installation plus when it’s time to take the unit down for cleaning and maintenance there’s none of those frustrating knots to contend with.

Once installed the feeder base can be correctly leveled by pulling the rope that is fixed to it’s front, as shown below through the quick link. When level the rope should by tied tightly to the quick link.

That’s it, all done …  now you can sit back and enjoy the bird life.

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  1. Al & Sharon Mein Smith
    Al & Sharon Mein Smith |

    Rodney – the wax eyes found the feeder straight away (we like these little birds so have not used the mesh) and finally after 2 weeks we now have tui feeding as well. All your advice and guidance worked – thanks heaps.

    Al and Sharon

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