How To Hang Your Tui Feeder in Four Simple Steps

Each week as I pack up our tui feeders for dispatch I wonder if those receiving them will have any difficulty setting them up in their gardens. Having worked in the furniture trade off and on for many years I can turn my hand to most things however I’m aware that some people can not.

Hopefully this post will assist those that fall into the “not so handy” category.

Step one above is some what obvious …

Once you’ve found that right vantage point to hang your tui feeder you’ll need to fasten the pulley wheel as this makes it easy to raise and lower the unit. If you are in or are approaching your golden years it’s probably wise to employ a more youthful and agile member of your family to scale the ladder. No point becoming part of ACC statistics.

Step two …

Once the rope is through the pulley wheel attach a quick link to the end as this makes removing the feeder for cleaning and maintenance so much easier. No more hassles tying and untying knots.

Step three …

When the correct height for the feeder has been established it can be kept in place with a washer or such like tied to the other end of the rope and hooked over a nail as shown in the photo directly above.

Step four …

Lastly thread a second piece of rope through the eyes hooks on the roof ridge line and tie it to the one that is furthermost from the tree or object you are using to suspend the feeder. This stabilising rope will keep the tui feeder in the correct position for viewing and will also prevent it from rotating in the wind. This rope can be kept in place in the same fashion as shown in step three.

The items described in this post can be found by visiting our Garden Shop.

Being mid winter July is a great time to erect a tui feeder in your garden as the tui are hungry and looking for alternative sources of food.

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  1. Karen O'Neill
    Karen O'Neill |

    How much is the pully and what is delivery to Mt Maunganui please.

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