It’s Just Add Worms 100th Post

Little did I know how this garden blog would evolve as I struggled to find words for the first post on that sunny February morning back in 2009. At the time I really didn’t know where to start. The intention was to keep a record of my garden and to make it available for anyone who might be interested enough to read it.

It was a simple plan, dig the ground, plant some seeds and publish anything of merit on the web. Anyone who has visited my blog over the last couple of years will know that its become a little more than a garden blog. I’ve dug over a lot of dirt and squashed squillions of bugs since that morning however Ive enjoyed every moment.

Well almost every moment ….

Like any gardener I’m certainly not immune from the occasional trials and tribulations that nature dishes out.

Firstly there was the case of the mauled and missing potatoes.

Planting potatoes

It was a lovely sunny October afternoon and surprisingly I had persuaded Fraser to help me plant the potatoes. We had enough seed to plant about seven rows so whilst I dug the holes and applied the blood and bone he placed the potatoes.

After raking the soil back over the spuds and commenting to Fraser that we made a great team I was content with a job well done. Sadly that contentment was to be short lived.

Sunday morning was tranquil and still as I took my ritual wander around the back yard but that quickly changed when I spotted  potatoes scattered to the four corners of the garden. What made matters worse was that many had huge chunks taken out of them. I replanted them the best I could however the resulting rows had a few gaps in them. You can view the complete post by clicking here.

Another amusing incident was when we received an unexpected visit by a runaway weaner pig.

Can laugh about it now but at the time I was more than a “little stressed”. When I was much younger one of my tasks was to feed the pigs and I can vividly remember the resulting chaos when one of us boys forgot to shut the garden gate. Fortunately this little guy didn’t discover my garden but he did cause me a few sleepless nights.

Click here to view “Vegetables under threat from runaway weaner”.

This blog has become much more than a record of my garden as many of my “one of projects” have become a part of the Just Add Worms business.

Firstly there was that tui feeder that every one admired and which has subsequently become one of our most popular products.

The first prototype still attracts tui to our back yard (bottom centre of photo) although it has been refined and improved over the years.

Our latest deluxe version which is already proving to be popular was launched just a few months back (right of photo)

We then got worms (doctor said not to worry) and lots of wonderful juice for the garden.

Next came the bees which have been challenging and fun. Everyone loves our honey and it sold out within a matter of a few weeks. Hopefully we will have more next summer assuming our bees make it through the winter.

Lastly 8 chickens, now hens and they’re all called Jessie. Its so nice being able to collect the eggs every morning plus it reminds me of my boy hood days on the farm.

By the time I’ve written the 200th post if that comes to pass who knows what new ventures I will have taken on. My philosophy is that as long as I’m enjoying it I’ll keep trying or dreaming up new ideas.

If you feel inclined to comment please do so as we love to get feedback.


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  1. Casa Mariposa
    Casa Mariposa |

    You look like you have your hands full! I have worm bins in my basement and their compost/juice has proven to be a cure-all in many situations. Love your chickens!!

  2. Steve
    Steve |

    congrats on the 100.
    Try a 44 gallon drum of liquid manure from the chook litter.
    chuck in comfrey stalks and leaves, soak for 10 days then put comfrey beneath your potatos (a few inches of soil/compost between seed potato and comfrey)
    healthy plants,heavy crop, big spuds

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