We’re Eggspecting!



It’s now 20 weeks since we collected our day old chicks from the hatchery and I have to admit that I’m growing just a little weary of waiting for these girls to produce the missing ingredients for our much awaited breakfast fry up. The experts advise that we should see some results somewhere between 18 and 20 weeks so hopefully it wont be too long now.


Two weeks ago I removed the real estate signs that were closing off the nesting boxes so the hens could become familiar with where they should be laying. Some months back these had been sealed off to prevent the gals from setting up home in them and to encourage use of the perches.


They seem pretty relaxed about the layout, no pun intended. Jessie also likes the look of the boxes from the inside of the coop. It may change but at this point in time all the hens are called Jessie.


Lastly as I’m not one to leave anything to chance I discreetly placed a few fake eggs about the nesting boxes to hopefully get my message across.


Bacon is in the fridge and the potatoes are in the pantry so “c’mon girls” the rest is up to you!.


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