Fill Up Your Bird Feeders The Tui Are Back

It was mid May last year when I wrote about the tui returning to our garden and how pleased we were to see them. This year they’re gracing our garden six weeks earlier than expected which is a real bonus and as always we’re delighted to see them.

It was early morning about ten days back whilst maneuvering my way down the stairs and rubbing the sleep from my eyes I heard a yell from the kitchen “there’s a tui on the feeder”. We have a deluxe tui feeder which is our latest model hanging in a large melia tree just a few metres away from the front deck and the family room door.

By the time I’d rushed through to catch a glance it was gone but it didn’t matter as I was content just knowing that our season for feeding these amazing birds was beginning again. This is year number three and watching the tui is a pastime we very much enjoy.

The additional food also helps the tui during the autumn and winter months when their source of naturally occurring food diminishes.

As we’ve sold hundreds of tui feeders I often need to remind clients that tui only frequent them from April until the end of November. Outside these months they can be left empty or alternatively used as watering stations or feeders for other birds.

If you have a tui feeder in your garden now is the time to dust it off and to fill it up as the tui are on the lookout for other food sources.

We love to get feedback on how well our feeders are performing so feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Alan
    Alan |

    It works! The tuis have found the feeder and are regular visitors. Took around 6 – 8 weeks but worth the wait. A great addition to the garden.

  2. June Wilson
    June Wilson |

    Hi we bought a tui feeder at Xmas, have feeder hanging in tree that the tuis are in but not going to feeder????

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