Just Add Worms Launches New Deluxe Tui Feeder

Delux Tui Feeder

The above photo shows the latest addition to our very popular range of tui feeders. We have one just like this adjacent to the deck that leads off from our family room as it offers us a great view of all the birds that come and go, especially the tui.

From time to time customers have asked if we produce a multi purpose feeder that will feed both tui and other non nectar eating birds but up until now I’ve only been able to recommend the smorgasbord feeder. This feeder can cater for tui but has the disadvantage of not delivering a continuous supply of mixture as the tui feeder does.

The deluxe tui feeder holds 1.5 litres of mix just like the standard model however it has a larger base which allows for the addition of a water dish and a wooden platform to which fruit and other food can be attached. The base has a number of holes drilled around it’s perimeter to allow for the escape of rainwater.

Apple on Feeding Platform

Two screws prevents the wind or birds dislodging the food.

Feeder Platform

When its time to wash down the feeder the feeding platform is easily removed.

Quick Link Support

Once you’ve loaded up the deluxe tui feeder this quick link make an easy task of leveling things up. The set up for this can be seen in the first photo towards the top.

To learn more about the Deluxe Tui Feeder click here or visit “Garden Shop” in the menu at the top of this page.  As with all of our tui feeders this deluxe model can be supplied in either Redwood or Forest Green.

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