How To Stop Sparrows Feeding From Your Tui Feeder

It took almost a year for the sparrows to discover the four tui feeders scattered around our lifestyle block but once they did they quickly made up for lost time. When tui are about sparrows are unceremoniously chased off the feeders as tui are very territorial and act like a spoilt child who is unwilling to share it’s toys with others. During the summer however sparrows get free reign as the tui are busy finding food else where.

I don’t mind sparrows but really don’t want to spend time and money making up sugared water to feed them. Prior to installing the mesh they were emptying a feeder in a matter of just a few days. Now I don’t have to refill the tui feeders as often and our out goings to Chelsea sugar have reduced substantially.

Sparrow mesh

After trialing this mesh for several months I’ve been able to view the tui feeding as normal whereas the sparrows have given up trying.

If you wish to feed bellbird and silver-eyes I’d suggest leaving the mesh off. Unfortunately bellbirds don’t frequent our garden so I have no way of knowing if they could still feed through the mesh or not as they have a reasonably long beak.

We now have this mesh in stock and it’s available at our online “Garden Shop

Mesh installed on feeder

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  1. Sandra
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    Can you please tell me what is put in the tui feeder. Thanks.

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