October Mayhem In My Vegetable Garden

Its been a few weeks now since I last blogged about the status of my garden as I’ve just been so busy. Between waiting for the weather to improve, getting the seeds sown, working over the soil and making up orders for Just Add Worms there hasn’t been much time left to tinker the old computer keys.

Rather than writing screeds about all that’s been happening I feel the images below will better illustrate whats been going down of late in my veggie patch.

The seed propagator shown below is made from an old shower tray I purchased on Trade Me and makes the task of germinating seeds so much easier, no more crouching or sore backs. The adjustable stays on the side means I can control the temperature and air flow stay during the day and then close at night to protect the seedlings from the cold. As the season progresses and the weather warms up. I will remove the plastic from the top as it generates too much heat however the netting remains to keep the birds and neighbourhood cats out.

Every keen vegetable gardener should have one of these but that’s a story for another day.

Seedlings ready to be transplanted

Several weeks back the tomato stakes went in …

Hammering in tomato stakes

Yesterday was Labour day and time to deal to all that horse manure … this will give the toms a good head start.

Shovelling Horse Manure

My seedlings go into the ground mean and lean … no unnecessary foliage and in up to their arm pits to encourage plenty of root growth.

Removing the lower branches

Planting Tomato Plant 01

Planting Tomato Plant 02

By days end I had planted 28 seedlings … that number will increase “slightly” I suspect.

Planting tomato seedlings

Tomato tags lest I forget … stapled and glued on.

Apply tags to tomatoes

Its not all about tomatoes … have molded the first rows of potatoes we planted and they are growing really well.

Agria Potatoes

Our bees also need ongoing attention so I have plenty to keep me occupied … and of course there’s always that occasional blog post.

Great that’s another job out of the way now where did I put that string line?

Collection of bee images

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    Nice job, it’s nice to see you in your garden working.

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