Tree Not Required For This Pole Mounted Tui Feeder

Me Holding Pole Mounted Tui Feeder

It goes without saying that the vast majority of tui feeders we make end up hanging in a tree in someone’s garden however occasionally we get a customer who doesn’t have a tree or at least one that’s in the right spot. Often this is due to the fact that they’ve just built and the trees haven’t had time to grow or they have a preference for a feeder that can be moved from place to place.

In these types of situations our pole mounted tui feeder ticks all the boxes.

Installing Feeder on Waratah Standard

Above model has been finished with Redwood stain.

The first tui feeder we installed some 18 months ago was on a waratah standard and trialed in different parts of our large garden. Firstly we wanted to see what best suited the tui and secondly what would offer us the best vantage point. Originally it was positioned amongst some native flax at the bottom of our property frequented by the tui. More recently it has been set up where it can be easily viewed from our workshop so we (mainly me to be totally honest) can take in the tui’s daily feeding routine. A rampant passion fruit vine that began to block our line of vision was another reason for the shift.


Unstained Tui Feeder

Natural or unstained model.

Shifting this feeder is a simple task as the only tools needed are a keen eye, steady hands and a solid sledge hammer. The wooden sleeve that’s attached to the base of the feeder by two screws fits snugly over the top of the waratah standard.

Green Tui Feeder

Stained Forest green.

In addition to this pole mounted model we have two other tui feeders on pulleys hanging in trees that can be easily viewed from our living areas and deck. This works really well because regardless of where we are on the property the tui are never far away.

Its almost like they’ve become members of our family.

Points to note:

  • Waratah standards (1.8 mtr) can be purchased at most Bunnings or Mitre 10 stores for approx $14.00.
  • I find its best to use a new one as used ones can be burred over at the top which can often stop the wooden sleeve from fitting correctly.


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