Spring Means It’s Time To Get Growing

Daylight saving started last Sunday so now I have an extra hour at the end of each day to get our vegetable garden knocked into shape. The winter has been long and very wet but I’m hoping that’s all behind us now.

Seed Potatoes

In spite of the fact that the ground is still rather wet I decided to get a couple of rows of potatoes in so that we can hopefully harvest some in time for Christmas.

PlantIng 1st Potatoes 01

After turning the soil a trench of about 20 cm deep is made into which the seedlings are placed approximately 35 cm apart.

Potatoes In Trench

A few handfuls of blood and bone thrown into the mix should help them along.

Agria Potato Label

Plant label as I always forget … lets face it we all do!

Covered Over Potatoes

To finish the job its just a matter of filling in the trench. I have four more trays to plant but will leave these for a couple of weeks until the grounds dries out a little more.

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