Tomatoes Set The Tempo In My Garden

Weekend Gardener Magazine – Issue 298 ( Sept 9th – 22nd)

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Tomatoes WG

I enjoy growing as much as I can from seed plus it’s much cheaper than buying seedlings.

Seed Raising Plastic House

Now that spring is finally here it’s time to plan the veggie patch and figure out where everything is going to fit in. As anyone who has visited this blog before will know I have a mania for growing tomatoes and this year will be no exception. The first tomato seeds are in the mini plastic house and should be popping through within the next few days.

Those small leaves already showing in the photo above belong to cabbages, lettuce, silverbeet and broccoli.

Tomatoes I intend to grow this season are  …

I am trying two new varieties this year namely Delicious and Black Tula.

Digging over veggie garden

Due to a very wet winter I’ve not been able to spend much time preparing beds so its all looking a little drab out there just now. Having said that the last few days have been more spring like and this has allowed me a little time to turn over some of the ground. The new stainless steel fork I received for fathers day works a treat and makes this job easier however the soil is still rather wet and claggy.

Hopefully the next couple of weeks will bring warmer weather and I can once again begin to load up my patch with a host of wholesome tasty veggies.

It’s been a long winter and I’m keen to get growing again.

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  1. Wendy de Boer
    Wendy de Boer |

    Hi Rodney,

    Yah, tomato time again, don’t you just love the

    I’ve got tommy seedlings in a “hotbox” in my glasshouse just germinated, seeds I saved from my last years crop. And it’s snowing outside – has been since Friday! Yikes!
    Have you grown pink brandywine before. I grew it last year in my polytunnel (wer’e in the deep south) and found it is difficult to get pollinated right, the flowers have a right angle bend in the wee stalk and if temperature is not warm enough they just drop right off. Wasn’t till mid/late Nov that I got fruit setting well – but boy is it worth perservering with – the fruit is huge – my biggest tom was 960 gm (without worm juice)
    and juicy and ripens really well, fairly easy once you get fruit set.
    I’m growing another 30 varieites this year – still looking for the best performers for our area – you should try Black Trifele (or Truffle) it is in the Niche Seeds range – it is prolific and hardy – large pear shape and size and really tasty – ripens with green shoulders. Well worth a go!

    Happy tomato time!

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