Refilling Your Tui Feeder Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Are you fed up with all the spills and mess you make when refilling your tui feeder? If the answer is yes read on as this will brighten your day.

Tui Feeder Bottle

I’ve stop counting the number of times I’ve refilled the 3 feeders we have about the place but the thought has often occurred to me that there must be an easier way. Well there is and it means that you can throw the blu tack and tape away.

Bottle Positioned on Feeder Tray

I’ve always been a strong believer in the old “KISS” principle (keep it simple stupid) and this was so so obvious. It was about a month back I decided to trial a tui feeder with the bottle inserted upside down to see how well it would perform. Not surprisingly it worked just fine and the hassles and mess associated with those weekly refills were gone.

Yes, so simple … why didn’t I do this from day one?

Any how that doesn’t matter now, the main thing is that it works and the time has arrived for “you” to “turn the bottle up side down”.

Don’t worry … it’s only a five minute job and this is what you or your handy person needs to do:

  • Firstly and obviously you need to find another 1.5 litre bottle eg Coke, Sprite, L&P or similar.
  • With sharp scissors or a Stanley knife “carefully” cut off the cap locking ring as shown in the photo above.
  • Drill 4 x 3.5 or 4.0 mm holes at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock directly beneath the first upper ridge as shown above.
  • That’s it, all done  … now refill the bottle in the usual way and insert “up side down” into the holder.
  • Ensure that the bottle is pressed down firmly within it’s holder as this determines the level of the mix and keeps the feeder tray in place.
  • The mixture within the tray can be brought up to the correct level more quickly by inserting your little finger into one of the sight holes and pumping the bottle.
  • The sugared water that remains in the bottle will slowly flow into the feeder tray on it’s own accord.
  • If you wish to achieve a more rapid flow just increase the size of the holes with a larger drill bit.
  • After much experimentation I have found that 3.5 mm holes work well.
  • For reasons of hygiene the bottle should be replaced periodically.

Making this change will make the task of refilling your tui feeder a whole lot quicker and easier and is certainly worth doing. If your have any concerns, questions or you just need help feel free to contact me as I’m always happy to assist.

In the meantime …  happy tui watching.

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  1. Tyrone Chisnall
    Tyrone Chisnall |

    Hi, i am about to make a tui bird feeder based on the feeder in your video.
    interesting to read about your new way of drilling holes in the neck of the bottle,
    Does the liquid ever overflow in the container or will it settle when it finds its own level
    look forward to hearing from you,also will keep you posted on my progress.
    I am an ex Zimbabweian farmer there are many birds in africa with beautiful calls,
    the tui call fasinates me and equals any call of an african bird,also the Bell bird
    Regards Tyrone

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