These Suet Feeders Can Trebled The Number Of Birds Visiting Your Garden

If your enjoy watching the birds as I do you probably wonder what is the easiest way to attract more of them. Recently I made some suet feeders to do just that and was amazed by the numbers of birds that turned up to check them out. As its winter these guys are hungry but birds that previously were only seen passing through are now literally hanging about.

None more so than the cute and friendly silvereyes.

These suet feeders have been designed to take two slices of bread or a suet block and are now available through the Garden Shop. I’ve already sold a number of these and expect to sell many more. They are available in Forrest Green, Redwood or unstained for those that prefer the natural look.

For extra strength they are glued and screwed together. When the feeder needs a clean the galvanised mesh can easily be removed.

Several weeks ago I placed three in nearby trees and have enjoyed watching the antics of various birds seeking a snack. To date those that have used the feeders are silver-eyes, sparrows and mynas of course, starlings but with difficulty and my mates the tui. Even noticed a very shy grey warbler stop by to check it out the territory.

I’m sure this number will grow.

Over the last few days to add further food to the feeder so to speak I’ve been attaching halves of grapefruit, mandarins, tangelos and apples. Two screws through the roof section keeps the fruit in place. This additional feature has worked really well and the birds just love it.

Will post of a video of this in the next few weeks as well as my first attempts to make suet blocks.

Suet Block

This is the current range of suet feeders.

Suet Feeders

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  1. ellada
    ellada |

    Wow !!! I love to watch your video.
    You have beautiful bird in your garden.
    Thank you for sharing.

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