Why Next Spring Is Too Late To Put Up That Bird House

Bird Boxes

Often when people buy bird houses they ask as to when they should put them up. To this my standard reply is, as soon as you can. No point in storing it your garage even if unlike myself you do have the space.

Seriously though the best time to put up nesting boxes has to be in autumn or winter as this gives our feathered friends more time to discover them. If you leave it till spring you may strike it lucky and have a pair or birds moving straight in but it’s probably a few months or perhaps even a year before this happens.

Birds are also more likely to occupy the bird house if it no longer has that “new just out of the box look” and has weathered a little. As time passes it will blend into the natural surroundings and take on a “yes, I’m meant to be here appearance”.

Some other factors you may wish to take into consideration when positioning your bird houses are:

  • Mount them high up and well away from potential predators. Screwing it on to that handy fence post may be a simple option but why make it easy for those cats, rats, mice, ferrits, stoats and weasels to name a few.
  • Face the entrance hole away from the prevailing winter winds and the heat of the summer sun.
  • Place in a quiet location away from noise and other activity including that of your family, pets, and other bird life.
  • Compared to tree trunks and limbs bird houses mounted on metal poles are less venerable to predators.
  • Birds always appreciate having a supply of food and water. Bird baths always work a treat. Positions nesting boxes well away from these areas as things can become a little too competitive.
  • Mount bird houses so that they can be easily viewed and enjoyed from indoor vantage points, that’s the fun part of this whole exercise.
  • If after a year or so the birds are not moving in to the digs you’ve provided try moving it to a different location. One of the things I’ve learnt from many years of observing birds in the wild is that they cant be rushed, patience is required.

If you’re wanting to purchase some top quality bird houses for your back yard the full range can be viewed at our Garden Shop.

In the meantime happy bird watching.

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