Need Spare Parts For Your Tui Feeder?

Newly Made Tui Feeders

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for some time now as I’m sure that there are some shabby looking feeder bottles and broken trays out there. Just lately I’ve replaced these on the three feeders in our garden so that they will perform well for the tui season which is now in full swing.

The main problems that arise are dirty bottles that are difficult to clean and trays that have been broken through use or that have succumbed to the elements.

For most of you that have purchased a tui feeder during the last year or so replacing these readily available items will be a walk in the park but there may be some folk who due to age or lack of time would prefer replacement parts to “just arrive in the post”. At this time I’m not sure of the cost but imagine it won’t be much.

If you need either a new bottle or tray send me an email or give me a call and I’ll find out from the rural post lady.

Tui Feeder Bottle & Tray

If you have any photos or stories about tui or other birds using your feeder I’d love to hear from you. One change I’ve noticed this year is that sparrows have discovered the feeders and sneak a quick drink whenever tui are not about.

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  1. Lydia
    Lydia |

    I made a birdfeeder using a cup and saucer on a piece of dowelling. There’s been a few wee birds drinking from it but haven’t been able to see what kind they are.

  2. Ines
    Ines |

    Great blog and I like the feeder. Did you make the feeder yourself?

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