Celebrating The Return Of The Tui

Tui On Feeder

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that winter is not my favourite season as it hampers me in what I enjoy doing most, growing prize vegetables and working on my many outdoor projects. In my younger days it was a magical time of year as I would load up my skis and head off to the slopes.

Sadly like my knees those days are long gone.

Tui Takes a Drink from Feeder

Enjoyed it while it lasted, never mind, it’s not all bad.

One aspect of winter that I now look forward to is what I term “the return of the tui”. Not that they ever went away it’s just that they stopped visiting the feeders we have about the place. This is quite normal during spring and summer as there is plenty of naturally occurring food which the tui prefer to what appears on my bland menu.

However as winter approaches the tui will have less to pick and choose from therefore the feeders will once again receive regular visits. This is already happening.

I recall that last year the tuis began to use the feeders towards the end of May as it coincided with my birthday but this year it has been much earlier. It was early in April that I first noticed them landing on the feeders looking for food so I filled one to monitor the number of visits.

The summer and autumn drought that Auckland and the rest of the country has experienced has resulted in a shortage of food for many birds including the tui.

At the moment only one of the three feeders we have is in use but based on the numbers of tuis about the time has arrived for me to fill the others. Cleaning and refilling three feeders every week takes about 30 minutes and a fair amount of sugar but its time well spent as we enjoy the comings and goings of our special feathered friends.

If you have purchased a tui feeder from us during the last year I would love to hear how it’s working out for you or perhaps you have a story to share about tui at your place.

Recently I have created a separate page which is solely devoted to the tui, go to menu above or click here to check it out.

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    What a magnificent bird, it’s the first time I see one

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