Composting With Tiger Worms

Over the last year as I blogged about birds, worms and bees I often imagined how much easier it would be if I had a good video camera. No longer would I need to take 30 or 40 still shots to get the images I needed for my next post.

After frustrating almost every camera store owner in Auckland over the last eight months, last week I shocked my family by arriving home with a shiny new camera under my arm. From time to time they unjustifiably accuse me of being over cautious when parting with my hard earned cash when in reality, its just about “being frugal”.

That aside I couldn’t wait to get started so after a quick flick through of the manual it was time to take this baby for a test run.

Sadly, my initial excitement was very short lived as this test run was more like a crash and burn. Upon downloading the first video I soon realised that my new pride and joy was a poor excuse for a video camera.

This camera was in fact “a dog” and a mongrel one at that!

Resolution and colours were grim at best and no matter how I tried to convince myself that “I could live with it”, I knew that I couldn’t.

After several days I decided that the best approach was to contact the retailer and advise them of my concerns. At first I was somewhat hesitant as the camera had been purchased during a store sale and I had been told that it couldn’t be returned.

What the heck, I made the call as already I hated this camera.

Much to my surprise the response was, “certainly Mr Dunn, bring the camera back and we will see what can be done”.

An hour later with my pocket a further $350 lighter I was back from the store with what I hoped would be a better model. Unlike the first this one recorded in high definition so the end results should be better?

This my first attempt features a cast of thousands.

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  1. ellada
    ellada |

    Hello, from Greece.

    I love your video about the composting with tiger worms. You do a wonderful job and I like the way you explain what you do.

  2. ali
    ali |

    My worm farm arrives tomorrow what should I avoid feeding the apart from citrus and fatty stuff?

  3. Janee
    Janee |

    Just saw the article in the November NZ garden mag of you beutiful garden. I was really interested in your worm farms I would say I am a newbie gardener and learning so much from lots of people and doing lots of reading. I am currently doing a Master gardener course with and hearing a lot about compost at the moment and I am glad to hear about your worm farms because I have one as well which I want to use for my garden I just find it easier to manage then a big compost because of my impairment. So I thought I might need a compost as well but since I saw the article about you garden I now know that my worm farm will do.

  4. Christopher Wink
    Christopher Wink |

    I love your website! I live in Florida and is hot throughout most of the year. What worm should I get to start my worm farm? Also I am going to be a setup just like yours….You built an amazing system and would like to mirror mine like yours. As far as the worm juice you get at the bottom every couple days, do you add water into the soil at the top to get the juice at the bottom or does that come on its own? Is that juice considered concentrate and need mixing with water to add to plants or just add straight as is?

    I hope you can get back to me soon because I am so excited to get started!

  5. Christopher Wink
    Christopher Wink |

    Thank you for the responses. They are very helpful. Where are you from?…..I live about an hour North of Miami in West Palm Beach.

    Is your setup made entirely with wood with lining or is it a bath tub? Do you have any holes or is it not required.

    Looking forward to getting started. Thanks again!

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