How To Save Tomato Seeds

In spite of the slow start to spring it’s been a great season for growing tomatoes and to ensure bumper crops again next season I’ve been setting aside some of the choicest tomatoes for seeds.

Tomato seeds are encased in a gelatinous type sac which prevents them from sprouting whilst inside the fruit therefore this needs to be removed before they can germinate. The easiest way to do this is by a process of fermentation.

If you’ve never saved your own seeds before hopefully this video will make the whole exercise a little easier.

Seeds should be left in a warm dry spot where they can dry naturally. Moving them about on the paper on a daily basis will prevent them from clumping and sticking to each other and allows even drying.

Once the  seeds are completely dry, say a week to ten days store in a cool, dark, moisture free location.

Lastly, if you’re anything like me you’ll forget what’s what so apply a label with the name and date of your seeds.

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