Happy Anniversary Just Add Worms

Worms With Birthday Cake

It was just 365 days ago that I wrote the first post for Just Add Worms, how time flies when you’re doing something that you enjoy. One year and 63 posts later, the blog and garden are both flourishing. The photo below shows the garden as it was back then.

My Garden One Year Ago

This photo shows the garden as it is now.

Todays Garden

Over the last year, a lot has happened to my garden; least of all its gotten bigger, much bigger. Back in November 2008,  it was 50 square metres but now its almost twice that. Looking back over the summer that is coming to an end, I’m more than satisfied with how the garden has performed.

The many hours spent shoveling horse manure and compost has paid big dividends as the soil is now nutrient rich and easy to work. It won’t be long before I’m able to boast about growing prize carrots as we all know that good soil is needed for this. I recently planted a couple of rows so watch this space.

Here in Auckland the season was slow to get going but the weather has been great over the last couple of months resulting in bumper crops of most vegetables. The most notable of these have been tomatoes, best I’ve grown in 30 years, beetroot, lettuces, potatoes and lastly pumpkins. They are still about six weeks from harvest.

The corn hasn’t been as good as last year and the onions didn’t stand a chance as they were jammed in what little space was left over and I’ve been tramping them underfoot ever since. My gardens are never big enough!

Unlike the previous year, I was better organised this year and had the majority of my seedlings underway by September. This meant that the growing season was three months longer and it certainly showed when it was time to harvest. This year I also grew a number of vegetables and herbs that were completely new to me and that has been interesting and lots of fun.

With the addition of the bath tub worm farms seven months ago and more recently a new beehive, its been a busy but enjoyable year in the veggie garden.

My plans for next year are to increase the garden by about 25 square metres and to grow more of those unusual untried varieties. After just a few months I’m addicted and fascinated by the bees, so more hives are on the cards.

“Gosh I’m gonna bee busy” ….  sorry I’m doing it again.

Also, a special thanks to my family for their ongoing help and support during the first year of Just Add Worms.

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