Tomatoes High On Worm Juice – Part 3

Its been about 14 weeks now since I planted my first tomatoes and at last, they are ripening in reasonable numbers. I picked the first of the tomatoes about 3 weeks ago but they didn’t compare to yesterday’s harvest. I’m tickled pink (as in Brandywine Pink) with the results so far, since these are just the first of the crop. As there are so many, I’m sharing them with family, friends and neighbours.

Amongst those below are Black Krim, Brandywine, Brandywine Pink, Beefsteak, Moneymaker and Tommy Toe. Tommy Toe is a small cherry type tomato. They are great to eat straight from the vine as they are super tasty and sweet.

Tomato Collection

After all these months, my tomatoes are still receiving a fortnightly feed of worm juice and it’s certainly made a difference. As I have so many plants now, 41 to be precise, I pour the mix around the root zones, since the previous method of spraying was taking too long. Once diluted 10:1, it’s 15 minutes work with the watering can.

The two images below show the beefsteak tomato that has received the worm juice. After picking 3 or 4 tomatoes from it during the past week it still boasts a contingent of about a dozen good sized fruits. The photo doesn’t show it  off very well due to the fact that there are too many vegetables crammed into my garden.

I know it’s not good practice to jam them in like sardines in a can, because plants need space for the air to circulate. But sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me.

When time allows, I will make my garden “just a little” larger.

Beefsteak Tomato Grown With Worm Juice

At the 1.4 metre mark.

Stake Showing Height Of Tomato

The beefsteak that has received no worm juice is pictured below and is approximately 1.3 metres in height.

Trial Tomato Grown Without Worm Juice

It has a similar number of fruit however they are fractionally smaller and as the photo shows, still rather green.

Fruit of Tomato Grown Without Worm Juice

Even though the two are almost the same height, the tomato plant receiving the worm juice has grown at a much quicker pace with the fruit ripening approximately 17 days earlier. Both plants have produced an equal number of tomatoes, of similar size. The second tomato plant is about a week away from having ripe fruit so I’ve not been able to do any taste comparisons yet.

The rest of the tomatoes are also doing well on their worm juice supplement. Some have grown so tall that I need to use the ladder when tying them up! Out behind the garage, the bath tub farms are producing 3 litres of concentrate each week, so there’s more than enough for the tomatoes and the other vegetables.

Garden At Its Best for 2010

If you’re keen on growing great vegetables, my advice is to get yourself a worm farm, because it’s helped to give me the best results I’ve had in 30 years of gardening. I also have smaller worm farms for sale.

Finally, special thanks to my tiger worms for all their hard work … thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it without you. Gosh, hope Rose doesn’t read this as she already thinks I’m half mad.

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  1. Scott
    Scott |

    Having been fortunate enough to receive a selection of Rodney’s tomatoes last weekend I feel compelled to add this short comment.

    Thanks Rodney, it was great to taste the different varieties and I am most impressed by your garden setup and the results you are getting from kitchen scraps and a “few” worms.

  2. Doug Futter
    Doug Futter |

    What can I say about Rodney’s tomatoes! You just about need an extension ladder to get to them. The tomatoes are that big that you can make a meal out of just one! forget about supermarket tomatoes with their perfect shape and colour but lacking in taste. Rodney’s tomatoes are big in size and flavour, all different shapes and just so good.
    His secret is in the worm juice from his tiger worm farm, must be powerful stuff. the beetroot and lettuces aren’t half bad either.

  3. Deon Swiggs
    Deon Swiggs |

    Oh dear, I am addicted to tomatoes and I didnt even get any of these to try. Dam.

    They look good mate

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