Tomatoes High on Worm Juice – Part 2

Rows Of Tomatoes

Now that the Christmas and New Year’s festivities are over I thought it time to see how my two trial tomatoes are progressing. Since my post of the 18th of December all the tomatoes excluding the one below have received another generous dose of worm juice however I’m now applying it with a watering can. Spraying 40 odd plants takes some time so I needed a quicker option.

Trial Tomato With No Worm Juice

Since last measuring, the tomato above has grown a further 36 centimetres and now stands at 76 centrimetres. It’s very healthy with a 10 or so flowers but no fruit at this stage which is a little odd as all of the first planted host tomatoes. During the last 10 days I’ve added extra compost to help keep the roots moist and a soaker hose has been installed to automate the watering process.

As much as I love gardening my time down in the dirt is limited as I’m becoming increasingly busy with the Just Add Worms business. In spite of it being the holiday season the orders are still rolling in, which is excellent.

The weather over the last couple of weeks has been sunny and hot with temperatures in the mid 20ies therefore the tomatoes have taken off in leaps and bounds. Some have already grown above the top of the 1.8 metre stakes which in itself creates another interesting challenge. More about that another day.

Trial Tomato 2 With Worm Juice

Trial plant number two that is receiving the worm juice is just under 1 metre in height and as before out performing its counterpart. There are about a dozen flowers and it boasts 4 large tomatoes and a smaller one.

The 8000 tiger worms we have are producing 5.9 litres of juice per week so there’s no shortage of the “magical mixture”. I’m thinking that soon we will have enough tomatoes to start our very own La Tomatina festival.

Hopefully in my next post about using worm juice I can show some big fat juicy luscious tomatoes.

Shouldn’t be long now so don’t forget to check back for part 3.

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