Tomatoes High On Worm Juice

It’s been almost six weeks since I planted my main crop of my tomatoes and now that the warm summer weather has finally arrived they’re racing away.

Main Crop Tomatoes In Garden

My post of the 5th November How to grow bigger and better tomatoes using worm juice covered the subject of using this as an organic fertiliser. Since then I have sprayed the liquid in a 10 x 1 diluted form around the tomato’s roots on three separate occasions and it certainly seems to be making a difference. The real test will come however at harvest time when the quality, size and taste of the crop can be correctly assessed.

Will leave passing judgment till then. As they say “don’t count your tomatoes before they ripen”.

In the experiment as described in my November post the trial beef steak tomato plant that hasn’t received any worm juice is approximately 40 centimetres tall and growing well.

Trial Tomato Plant No 1

By comparison it’s companion that has been receiving the worm juice is 60 centimetres tall. The remainder of the tomato crop is also receiving the mixture and these plants also have substantially more growth. The 50 centimetre mark in the photo below is partially obscured.

Trial Tomato Plant 02

It’s too soon to draw any conclusions so in the meantime it’s just a matter of keeping on with the worm juice, tying the plants to the stakes and removing those ever emerging laterals.

If the current growth is anything to go by we should be enjoying some very tasty tomatoes before too long. Itching to taste the heirlooms as I’ve not grown these before. Of the six different tomato types I have planted the Black Krims are the most vigourous growers and are almost at the top of the stakes. They have plenty of flowers but unlike the Money Makers no signs of any fruit just yet.

More photos will be posted as soon as they start to show their “true colours”.

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  1. Justin
    Justin |

    Finally, a new post on the worm tea tomatoes!

    Thanks, I’m enjoying your blogs. I’ve been visiting every day the last few weeks waiting for some more pics and commentary.

    ..I even clicked on your ads :)

  2. Christine B.
    Christine B. |

    Your veggies look wonderful. A real tonic for this Alaska gardener!


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