Where Have All The Tui Gone?

Where have all the tui gone ?
Long time passing
Where have all the tui gone ?
Long time ago
Where have all the tui gone ?
Daily I fed them every one
When will they ever return ?
When will they ever return ?

I’ve changed the words a little of this great Pete Seeger classic.

Tui Feeding


For about the last six weeks or so I have missed seeing the tui on the feeders as they have been away nesting. Breeding happens from November through to January.

Their distinctive call can still be heard from early dusk till late dawn and they can be seen flying overhead but they no longer visit the feeders. During spring and summer other food sources such as nectar, berries, fruit and insects are more plentiful therefore man made inventions tend to be ignored.

As much as I miss their visits I know that come autumn they will stop by again.

Currently the feeders receive an occasional visit from a sparrow wanting a sweet drink but otherwise its rather quiet.

For all those people who have purchased a tui feeder don’t despair as the tui will return. When the weather changes for the worse and there’s less food about they will be back.

In the meantime click below and let the tui entertain you.

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